FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to review a vacation home?

A. Less than 5 minutes

Q. How is a score generated for a particular property?

A. Scores are based on the ratings of several key criteria provided by a reviewer and an average is determined to yield a score based on 1 thru 5 stars.

Q. How much does it cost to belong to RateThatSpace.com?

A. Our site is free.

Q. Why do I need to create a Username & Password?

A. In order to prevent people from erroneously leaving feedback. We can monitor the number of reviews from users and look for trends in malicious behavior.

Q. What types of property searches can be performed?

A. You can search by Property Address or the RTS Vacation Property ID Number.

Q. Why must I sign a Certification of Accuracy Statement?

A. So we can hold Reviewers accountable to being honest and truthful about their experience.

Q. If I own a vacation property, how long does it take to add it to RateThatSpace.com?

A. In most cases, a property can be described & uploaded in 10 minutes or less.

Q. If I own multiple properties, can I register my other properties?

A. Yes. We encourage you to expand the number of properties and encourage your renters to leave feedback.